Carousel Demo Light Style A

[eventon_slider slider_type=’carousel’ lan=’L2′ orderby=’ASC’ date_out=’8′ date_in=’9′ id=’carousel’ link=’events_list’ event_type_2=’mountain-bike,skateboard’ date_range=’between01-01-2015:30-12-2020’]

Carousel show events in a scrollable row. You can set width, margin and numbers of events, if you click on the address area the map will be showed.


If the numbers of events show at same time is set to AUTO, carousel autmatically will adjust the numbers of events showed at same time in relation of width of container / screen. In this demo I used another way to obtain same result: car_minitems=’1′ car_maxitems=’1′ to force carousel to show only one vent at same time.

[eventon_slider slider_type=’carousel’ lan=’L2′ orderby=’ASC’ date_out=’5′ date_in=’6′ id=’carousel2′ car_minitems=’1′ showevent=’5′ car_maxitems=’1’]