WordPress Event Calendar ADDON FOR EVENTON

A set of sliders and carousels for show EventOn events in new awesome ways. EventON plugin is required.


Eventon compatibility

  • Multilanguage L1-L2-L3 and WPML
  • EventOn categories, Event Type 1-2-3-4-5
  • Repeating events and all day events
  • Single events addon, link here
  • All fields of the single event like title, subtitle, description, organizer, featured image
  • Map address and Google map
  • Event color

Main features

  • 5 main slider types, with variants
  • 4 open event’ s types: lightbox, dropdown, card, event link
  • Orignal design and one new design
  • Dark and light color skins
  • Smart date with 13 date formats, more infos here
  • Set your date range: all, past, future, from date XXX to date XXX, from date XXX, after date XXX. Order by ASC or DESC
  • Import / export EventON and EventOn Slider Addon translations
  • Based on FlexSlider 2, all his features can be easy implemented
  • Extrimely stable, work always and also in combination with many sliders
  • Extrimely dynamic and customizable
  • True responsive